Re: My favorite 2017 albums so far

Date:2017-08-05 04:22:45
In Reply To:Re: My favorite 2017 albums so far by John Frank
First Tier

Cynic - Uroboric Forms - The Complete Demo Recordings
Does this count?
Decadence - Undergrounder
I'm kind of burnt out on the whole Finnish melodic death metal sound. Not a bad album, by any stretch, though.
Need - Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom
As I said to Pirage, thanks for this recommendation.
Persefone - Aathma
Excellent album.
Undrask - Battle through Time
Did nothing for me.
Eclipse - Monumentum (disappointed that this is not first tier)
Yeah, not as good as Armageddonize, but it's still freaking good.
Eruption - Cloaks of Oblivion (disappointed that this is not first tier)
Glad you're not overly excited with this either. After discovering Eruption (Lifeless Paradise) earlier this year, I was looking forward to this. Meh...
Exivious - Chrysalis - The Early Demos
Sanctuary - Inception
It's a poor year when the re-release of old demos makes your lists.
Gruesome - Fragments of Psyche EP
YAWN! And Death is my favorite band.
Harlott - Extinction
Kreator - Gods of Violence
Mastodon - Emperor of Sand (shocker!)
Mean Streak - Blind Faith
Metalian - Midnight Rider
MindMaze - Resolve (disappointed that this is not first tier)
Mors Principium Est - Embers of a Dying World
Yawn to all of the 4 above.
Nightrage - The Venomous
Still a far cry from their earlier work, but it's their first in a long time that I really like.
Sunless - Urraca
Surprised that you like it. I'm far from impressed.
Theory - The Art of Evil
Forgot about this. Decent album.
Theory in Practice - Crescendo Dezign EP (disappointed that this is not first tier)
Big dissapointment.
Turmion Kätilöt - Dance Panique
Hahaha... what is wrong with you? Never heard of this before, but the name was interesting.
Vampire - With Primeval Force
Love the Celtic Frost style... but didn't felt the need to return after initial listen. Maybe I should?!
Varg - Götterdämmerung EP
Surprised to see that you like Varg.
Voyager - Ghost Mile
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