Re: My favorite 2017 albums so far

Date:2017-08-04 14:34:49
In Reply To:Re: My favorite 2017 albums so far by John Frank

First Tier

Cynic - Uroboric Forms - The Complete Demo Recordings
Decadence - Undergrounder
Couldn't listen to that chick for even a second.
Need - Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom
Amazed you consider it first tier but it is a real captivating listen.
Undrask - Battle through Time
Again amazed you like it that much. Great melodeath though and I barely even try that style anymore.
Witherfall - Nocturnes and Requiems
Ended up thinking it's far too long winded for my ADD addled brain to enjoy on repeated listens

Second Tier

Battle Beast - Bringer of Pain
A bit surprised but good to see it here!
Darkenhöld - Memoria Sylvarum
Deivos - Endemic Divine
Demonic Resurrection - Dashavatar
Probably dismissed these.
Distillator - Summoning the Malicious
Eclipse - Monumentum (disappointed that this is not first tier)
Well you're impossible to please. Can't see what else they could do. Just as great as ever.
Eruption - Cloaks of Oblivion (disappointed that this is not first tier)
Ended up not even liking it.
Harlott - Extinction
Kreator - Gods of Violence
Mastodon - Emperor of Sand (shocker!)
That you like it you mean? I think it's pretty great.
Mean Streak - Blind Faith
Glad you like it.
Metalian - Midnight Rider
solid trad but I like it less than you I believe.
MindMaze - Resolve (disappointed that this is not first tier)
Ended up not even liking it.
Mors Principium Est - Embers of a Dying World
Like it.
Nightrage - The Venomous
Not a fan.
Panikk - Discarded Existence
Prayers of Sanity - Face of the Unknown
2 killer slabs of riffage.
Replacire - Do Not Deviate (disappointed that this is not first tier)
Didn't like at all.
Severpull - Divided by Two
Metal little ep.
Soul Demise - Thin Red Line
Sunless - Urraca
Don't recall either.
Syron Vanes - Chaos from a Distance
Really good.
Terrifier - Weapons of Thrash Destruction
Ended up not liking.
Theory - The Art of Evil
Really solid.
Turmion Kätilöt - Dance Panique
Vampire - With Primeval Force
Varg - Götterdämmerung EP
Virulent Depravity - Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
No idea about these 4 I believe but maybe I dismissed the last one.
Voyager - Ghost Mile
Yep glad you like it.
Warbringer - Woe to the Vanquished
I didn't like it but it grew on me until I saw them live.
Within the Ruins - Halfway Human
Wolfheart - Tyhjyys
Don't recall these two but the names don't sound enticing.

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