Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-08-03 15:28:47
In Reply To:PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by killed_by_the_tech
Miles Davis - "Concierto de Aranjuez (Adagio)"
Miles Davis - "Solea"
Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
I'm not very familiar with titles, so I don't know if I know those first two cuts. Of course I love IaSW.
Discipline - "Canto IV (Limbo)"
Discipline - "Crutches"
Are these from the new one? I have Unfold Like Staircase. I think I got it as a promo in the early Feast or Famine days. Haven't spun it since way back then.
Death - Human
This was one of the CDs I took (along with a boombox) to my college orientation weekend. I probably owned less than 30 discs at the time (I was just getting off cassettes). I always think about that experience when I think about this album.
Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
My fave
random Extol tracks off Burial and Undeceived
Did you hear the new track from Fleshkiller, the guitarist's new band? Sounds kinda like the last Extol (which is my favorite Extol, but they're all good-to-great).

My shiz:

Angra - Angels Cry, Freedom Call. I remember getting Angels Cry when it came out (from Dream Disc, probably) and being so utterly blown away by how great it was that I could barely contain my excitement. Cheesy synths aside, it's still one of the best power metal albums ever released. Freedom Call is a pretty good EP, although I wish it had the first mix of Queen of the Night, which is better than this one with all the bad fake strings.

Kreator - Extreme Aggression. My second favorite Kreator. I like a lot of Kreator albums (even some of the mid 90s ones), but I really only deeply love two of them: this and Terrible Certainty.

Walpyrgus - Walpyrgus Nights. Rob K inspired listen. I had mp3s from the label, but his post made me think to order the disc. This is better than any of the Twisted Tower Dire albums, imo.

Jorge Lopez Ruiz 5 - De Prepo. A great, little-known fusion gem. One of the better kozmigroov albums I own. I should investigate Ruiz's other work, although this is the only album he cut with this particular ensemble.

The Headhunters - Survival of the Fittest. Herbie's mid 70s band, minus Herbie. It's not as good as Headhunters (the album) or Thrust, but this is probably better than anything else that group did with Herbie. The album after this is not as good, but it's still solid. Their reunion albums from the 90s and beyond are all pretty terrible, and feature a diminishing number of original Headhunters.

Wrathchild America - 3-D. It's no wonder they got dropped; this album is too weird for the majors. Some of the ideas here are a bit half-cooked or ill-advised, but overall, I'd say this is a stronger, and definitely more interesting, listen than Climbing the Walls. Needless to say, nothing Souls at Zero ever did could compare either. Crooks told me that the band is maybe getting back together. My very first metal gig ever was seeing Wrathchild America, with locals Damnability, Dominance, and Deadly Blessing opening. That was in support of Climbing the Walls, but I saw Wrathchild again for 3-D, and they remain one of the best live bands I've ever seen. So much energy and swagger!

Crimson Glory - Transcendence. Whenever it's time for me to write more Pharaoh songs, I listen to this for inspiration. I usually come up short, because their style doesn't port well to the Pharaoh style, but I'm always at least awed by how great this album is.

Bjork - Biophilia. I skipped this one when it came out, because the singles I heard weren't that great. But my collecting OCD kicked in eventually, since I have almost all the others, and I broke down and bought this and Vulnicara. They're both pretty dull, at least by Bjork standards. Vespertine was her last truly great album, I guess.

Pain of Salvation - In the Passing Light of Day. I checked out with these guys when they went soft rock, but everyone said this one was a return to form, and I guess it is, but it's also not up to par with their first three or four albums. Still, Danny G retains the ability to surprise, and some of these tunes are really good, and his voice is as strong as ever.

Risk - Daily Horror News. Fun thrashy german power metal. All their albums are great, although the Pantera-worship of Turpitude is not much better than most similar things.

Various Artists - A Gathering of 8 Norwegian Prog. Metal Bands. A killer comp with exclusive cuts from Spiral Architect, Trivial Act, Manitou, and others. Disc 2 is pretty grim, although Sagittarius and Minis Tirith have their charms.

Tricky Means - FullMoon demo. AKA: Sonata Arctica. Before that, they were called Tricky Beans, which is even funnier. This four track demo is the best thing Tony Kakko ever did. Ecliptica is great, but the album versions of these tunes (plus the b-side Mary Lou, which is better than most of the album cuts) are all inferior to the demo versions. Ain't it always the way?

Spirit Free - Plays Starship. Some live spacey jazz album from a band I know nothing about. Recorded in 1971. I'm sure Ken sold it to me. It's good, though!

Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park. Their best by a Canadian mile.

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