Date:2017-08-03 14:35:42
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Alex
Alex proclaimed:
Kansas - Kansas (1974) I'm not a Kansas fan, but this had some pretty cool tunes.

Budgie - In for the Kill (1974) Good stuff!

Deep Purple - Stormbringer (1974) This wasn't too bad... kinda forgetable, though.

UFO - Phenomenon (1974) One of the better finds for 1974.

Kiss - Kiss (1974) Pretty good for Kiss. I'm not a big fan.

Kiss - Hotter Than Hell (1974) Parasite is one of the better Kiss tunes.
Love it. "Stormbringer" was one of my first records, period - I always loved this album (I didn't know I wasn't supposed to, haha:). "Hotter Than Hell" is probably my favorite Kiss album for Strange Ways, Parasite, and Goin' Blind; but the first one has some great stuff too, like Black Diamond, and 100,000 Years, for example. And "Phenomenon" is definitely my favorite UFO - I mean, Queen of the Deep alone!
In for the Kill, I like the albums before and "Bandolier" much more, but it's still one of their top five for me. Ditto Kansas
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