Date:2017-08-02 13:52:26
Edited:2017-08-02 13:59:17
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Guillaume proclaimed:
Or,going for what passes for power metal these days - again, look at the Nos and G-Man: one turns his nose on everything, as if it was a rotting elk carcass, while the other gives everything giant sing-along hugs out of the kindness of his generous heart. To me 90% the new releases I've heard over the last almost two decades have been weak, insincere, and narcissistic, but, lo, they'll find the audience willing to buy what they're selling.
Yes, I have a generous heart, but I'm far to love everything.
It was more of a compliment, than insult, cause I know you actually really love that sea of stuff that's always coming out - you must have a room dedicated to CDs:).
And "power metal" is far to be my fave style. My fave styles are traditional metal and hard rock, with some prog metal along the way. I mean, I don't like most of what is called power metal these days, I don't care for almost all these speedy double-bass symphonic power bands, be them with female singers or not (never cared for Rhapsody, Xendria, Nightwish and the likes.
Yeah, that shit sucks:) Rhapsody's first demo was great, but even with the first album it got all blowing wings and glorious-victorious, so overblown.
My kind of power is the older one, like Grave Digger, Primal Fear and others.
Priest/maiden school, I know. Some Dio D&D and sword-and-sorcery certainly applicable, but I also don't think anyone is doing it the way that grabs me.
For example, the last Grave Digger is excellent in my book, I like it a lot. I know you think it's shit, even though I can't understand why.
I know you don't, man:) I don't believe them anymore, and I thing songwriting is lame and sterile, the riffs hold no water, and the arrangements are not predictable, but dead.

I just have a hard time as a whole with people (like you) who dislike all new music, even by bands they used to love.
I still love them, but I love them when they were young:)
Besides, I go see bands play all the time, and you know, I don't just "watch" bands, so you know I love the music. It's just if the band I like puts out the record I don't like, I don't like it, haha, simple as that.
Do you also think recent Saxon albums (recent as in the last 20 years) suck? For me, most of them can rival with the 80-83 classic stuff.G
Uh, let's see, Dogs of War was awesome, they brought in Doug, and those albums kicked ass - Unleash the Beast was a monster, Metalhead was good, Killing Ground was even better, then Lionheart was still really good. So, these were all pretty awesome records, but would I put them equal to 80-83 era, no. Production, and playing - the sound now of course was 1000 times better, but the creativity and fire and conviction and the simplicity and instant character of the songs, I'll take the 80s. Anyway, by Inner Sanctum I think they hit the rut again, the songs weren't anywhere as strong and coherent, only now their fan base was back on solid, and they could stamp out Saxon album AC/DC/Motorhead style till they die. Last AC/DC and Motorhead records,I didn't like either. I tell you what, though, I liked "Protect Yourselves" off ...Labyrinth, and liked several things on Sacrifice, that had some bright sparks of ingenuity in it in a Metalhead vein. So, even in the last ten years they had things I liked. But did it get kinda formulated and pedestrian in songs, I think yes.
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