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Date:2017-08-02 13:33:16
In Reply To:Re: by Guillaume
Guillaume proclaimed:
Or,going for what passes for power metal these days - again, look at the Nos and G-Man: one turns his nose on everything, as if it was a rotting elk carcass, while the other gives everything giant sing-along hugs out of the kindness of his generous heart.
I have to admit that brought a smile to the keyboard. I honestly don't talk about that much power metal though. I agree that it's a stagnant genre. Hell, I don't book as much power any more as a result. That said, there are some releases I still really enjoy because I'm a fan of the genre. Wind Rose's new one is a prime example. All hail Dwarf metal!

I just don't bash the shit out of what I don't like as folks do around here. That said, I do pump the sunshine hell out of any decent melodic prog disc that comes along though. It's just in my blood as much as Cthulhu juice is in Grim's veins.
I think the G-Man von adressed was me, not you... ;)
Of course it was you - I said "kindness of his generous heart, " that's you, haha. You're too kind to music, man, hahaha, you like everything:) Those bands are lucky to have folks like you for a fan. We just look at different things, you see compelling melodies and stellar musicianship, and I want to bash their heads against the wall for being so fake and full of themselves, in they way they present their music, and in the music and lyrics themselves: it doesn't hit the same nerves with us, my appreciation of art is much more cynical.

But, yeah, I didn't even think of Glenn as G-man, he's Harvester:)
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