Date:2017-08-02 13:26:21
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Harvester proclaimed:
Or,going for what passes for power metal these days - again, look at the Nos and G-Man: one turns his nose on everything, as if it was a rotting elk carcass, while the other gives everything giant sing-along hugs out of the kindness of his generous heart.
I have to admit that brought a smile to the keyboard.I honestly don't talk about that much power metal though. I agree that it's a stagnant genre. Hell, I don't book as much power any more as a result.
Mindless Sinner would go over really well at ProgPower. Cornerstone old school power metal - same five guys as on "Turn on the Power." Saw them at Frost and Fire and Defenders of the Old, and it was power metal at it's best: no gimmicks, no RPG bullshit, no act, just European power metal.
I also saw Dexter Ward and InnerWish in Greece, and though they're not my cup of whatever we're drinking, they were professional, tight, and engaging; they will definitely go over well with the clean metal crowd, especially people that are still encouraged by the current music. I told them to seek you out:)

That said, there are some releases I still really enjoy because I'm a fan of the genre. Wind Rose's new one is a prime example. All hail Dwarf metal!
See, that's exactly why I don't consider later power metal either "power" or "metal." That kind of derivative pretension is what turned me off from the stream. Not only that, but it's not even power metal, it's some viking choir ale stuff, haha. Alestorm came up on autoplay, and it's like really shitty Running Wild; I had to stop it. Thanks, though.

I just don't bash the shit out of what I don't like as folks do around here.
Hey, you know going out of my way to shit on other's musical views ain't my thing either. I mostly keep it to myself and don't intentionally piss judgements on people's aural parades. I'll tell you how I feel, though, if it comes up and I ain't down:)
That said, I do pump the sunshine hell out of any decent melodic prog disc that comes along though.
And I support old school, my mission is to uphold the heritage and expand the historical knowledge by introducing and seeking out new music from the past:) So I get when people like Pirage and Uziel and Nos pump the new shit; it's their mission. I don't share the enthusiasm over 99.9999% of what they're selling, but in my case it's hyping shows and fests, or old bands doing their thing. So, we have different criteria and may not agree on significance of this or that, as we go at it from opposite angles...but it's just different sides of the same process - any way you look at it, it's scene support.
It's just in my blood as much as Cthulhu juice is in Grim's veins.
Now that gave me a smile. You get what you give:)\,,/
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