Date:2017-08-01 17:08:51
In Reply To:Re: Hopefully... by John Frank
John Frank proclaimed:
...this will fail spectacularly.

Sadly, though, the Europower crowd will probably buy it.
I don't think the Europower crowd really has much choice about buying this. There's not much else on offer. That scene (and most of the other long-running metal subgenres) is so moribund in terms of new, vital acts that anything even barely competent that qualifies as power metal is going to sell to those few people still hungry to buy the stuff. It's the same reason why every sixth-rate demo recorded between 1980-1993 is getting a deluxe reissue, or why people buy rethrash at all. There's nothing good to buy, but it's not like we're all just gonna buy nothing!
Seems a bit harsh. If you are picky, sure, there is not much out there. If you are cool with solid efforts within a genre, there should be a sufficient number of new releases to keep you occupied.
Well, again, depends what you consider a solid effort within a genre. Someone might consider the new Serious Bland and Nocturnal Rites worthy power metal releases, while someone else may see it as a regurgitated horse vomit that was shitted out by an AIDS-ridden mule. Depends on the perspective. Hey, someone out there thinks new Metallica is a "return to form" and a best thing since "Master..." - others think it's a pedestrian undercooked heap of undeveloped garbage that can only please a brain-damaged paraplegic child molester. These new death metal bands that many consider "worthy," I think they're worthless crap. Or,going for what passes for power metal these days - again, look at the Nos and G-Man: one turns his nose on everything, as if it was a rotting elk carcass, while the other gives everything giant sing-along hugs out of the kindness of his generous heart. To me 90% the new releases I've heard over the last almost two decades have been weak, insincere, and narcissistic, but, lo, they'll find the audience willing to buy what they're selling.
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