funniest reason for a gig getting cancelled

Date:2017-07-31 10:04:51
Edited:2017-07-31 10:05:43
When a venue pulls the plug on a show, it's cause for irritation and frustration. My friends are on a mini-tour and yesterday they were supposed to play in Maryland. Their band isn't very known yet, so the gig was at a neighborhood dive in one of the not-Baltimore towns. They pull up to find that both of the club's two toilets were plugged up and the staff was not able to unclog them. (This is in a bathroom that, as underground show-goers well know, is not a pretty place to be in even at the best of times.)

The staff was trying to get it fixed up until the doors time without success, so the club had to A) cancel the show, and B) close down the bar altogether because they aren't allowed to be in business without a working toilet.

The band is amused enough and they're taking it in stride. I wouldn't want to hang out in that situation either. Unexpected show cancellations on tour are pretty much to be expected, just usually not for reasons this goofy. Those of you who've done time in bands, I'm sure you can recall a few ridiculous cases from your history too.
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