Re: Good ole Yngwie Malmsteen.....donut class vocalist...

Author:Devil Incarnate
Date:2017-07-28 19:14:03
In Reply To:Good ole Yngwie Malmsteen.....donut class vocalist... by Chris F5
Fat motherfucker with fingers fast enough to play the same goddamn motherfucking solos in every single song. Saw him in Chicago as recently as 1999 when he took the stage wearing no less than 150 pounds of gold jewelry and cocaine residue under each nostril. God was he fat. Holy-Jesus-what-the-fuck kind of fat. People were laughing at him and making themselves visibly ill. Mark Boals, Mats Olausson, Randy Coven, and John Macaluso, all wanted to publicly execute him...and that would have been fine. The drunken idiot behind me who kept yelling, "SLAYER!!!", at the top of his lungs all during the entire evening was more entertaining than the fat Swedish motherfucker. He seriously spent two hours playing the same thing all night. But he was fast and he was fat and he sweat like a goddamn coalminer. Fuuuuuck. He didn't sing, though, because Mark Boals did that bit just fine. That was the nice thing about Eewee having other people sing. They were singers and they did it well enough for him to keep his fucking gob shut so he could play his fast repetitive shit all night. I fucking hate Yngwie now. I wish his guitars would all grow a collective sack and strangle his lame fat ass.

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