Re: 2017: The Suckiest Sucks That Ever Sucked

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-07-28 09:38:48
In Reply To:Re: 2017: The Suckiest Sucks That Ever Sucked by BenMech
Well, I've been digging that new Immolation at least.
I hate Immolation on principle. Those guys are cunts.
The new Loss album is great. that Vampire album turned out to be decent the time I heard it.
I remember hearing a couple Vampire tracks maybe in advance of the album and thinking they were cool, then I forgot about it.
General opinion outside our PMX circle says it's been a really strong Death Metal year. My own listening patterns have been SSSSSSSSLLLLLLOOOOOWWWWWWWW just due to my podcast subscriptions. As the weather cools, I will pick the pace back.
Well, someone somewhere will always think it's a good year for something, even if it's not.
Also, I did want to call out the idiocy of Nosferatwo's avoidance while he's going on and on about what a bad year this has been to him.
I don't know why everyone is so hard on Nosferatwo. Who fucking cares what his like/dislike ratio is? And who cares if he doesn't like death metal? I don't like bubblegum pop, but maybe it was a killer year for that. I mean, people think Haim and Lana del Ray and Bruno Mars are awesome, but I think they're all boring, so I don't keep up with their shit, no matter how bad the other scenes I follow get.

Meanwhile, it's pretty poor form to say, "Death metal has been crazy strong," and then be unable to name more than three exceptional releases (one of which is merely "decent".) At the very least it greatly diminishes the sickness of your burn.

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