Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff

Author:Chris F5
Date:2017-07-27 15:44:17
In Reply To:PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
For some reason Bonnet works best with Alcatraz..
1st 3 are great (love Disturbing the quirky in a good way..and really my favorite Bonnett performance....

My list
You can automatically write in Anathema-The Optimist and Rush-Signals every week

Metallica-Ride the Lightning
Remember when you first heard this (that's if you weren't really ever exposed to thrash or anything heavier than Maiden )and your reaction
Still incredible over 30 years later.....

Marillion-Clutching at Straws...
What a way to go out Fish......
Which leads to

Marillion-Seasons End-one of the very few bands that actually released their best album (IMO)with a new vocalist taking over for legand..(Sabbath is another..some argue AC/DC did but I prefer Bon Scott)

Testament-The New Order
I just can't with this production anymore (if I'm not mistaken didn't they re record this recently...just the guitars or something..because if they did I need this)

Saga-Live in Hamburg
If you are a Saga fan...get this...great set list

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