Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-07-27 11:36:23
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by John Frank
Looking Glass Self - Equinox.
You are making me want to revisit this, but I know I likely should not, as I only dig three Sieges Even albums, and they sure as hell ain't the later releases.
Yeah, there's no chance you'll like this. None at all!
Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations. The best NWOBHM album.
I finally got into Angel Witch and a few other NWOBHM bands in recent years, but I could not convince myself to dig DH even though I like Metallica's covers of their material.
I don't see this is possible :) Metallica's covers are great, though. I wouldn't say they're better than the originals, but they function as excellent Metallica tracks. Am I Evil is my least fave of the songs Metallica covered.
Well, I agree that Fables is mostly great (fades at the end) and Arrows is good (but pales in comparison to Fables). I do not hear any Disturbed, a band I appreciate.
It's in the vocals, mainly. He's obviously just copying Draiman when he does his idiotic numetal grunt.
I saw them live and thought they were just decent. The singer repeatedly bailed on the choruses, having the crowd sing them. That always pisses me off.
I guess I meant, they put on a good show, although I don't recall the singer bailing on all the choruses. He might have, but perhaps I was too distracted by his climbing on the ceiling pipes.
Alcatrazz - No Parole for Rock 'n Roll. Yngwie's finest hour.
I do not know if you have ever been more wrong. Marching Out is obviously his best work by far.
Marching Out is cool, although it has too many instrumentals. What makes Alcatrazz great is that it sounds like Yngwie is a member of a band, one of several important people in a group. He never did that again.
Ansur - Warring Factions. This album never gets old for me, and there's literally nothing else in metal like it. The main dude in this band was like 19 when he wrote this shit. Supposedly, after breaking up Ansur, he started a new band to further explore the more melodic, progressive elements in Ansur's sound, but so far, nothing's come of that.
Weirdo. A decent disc, but your love of it is like my love of Sabbat - shared by no one. :-)
I bet you'll find more takers for Sabbat than for Ansur! Sabbat's lyrics are better, at least, although Ansur's lyrics are actually pretty neat.

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