2017: The Suckiest Sucks That Ever Sucked

Date:2017-07-26 14:27:24
Edited:2017-07-26 14:27:33
It may just be me, but this has been the weirdest year I've ever encountered for music. This has been the worst year I can ever recall, in terms of bad albums. I am amazed by the number of albums I've listened to that aren't just things I don't care for, but are truly awful. I added two more to that list just this week.

I can't explain it, either. Most of these terrible albums aren't even ones from bands that are young and don't know any better (I'm excluding death and black metal, since there's no chance of me liking 99% of that anyway), they're from bands that have been around long enough that it's inexcusable.

Pain Of Salvation? Tuneless junk.

Iced Earth? Shamelessly ripping themselves off.

Adrenaline Mob? I don't even need to say it.

Danzig? The guy's a shell of himself. It's embarrassing to listen to him now.

Quiet Riot? It sounds like a demo sung by a eunuch. The effort is pathetic.

Dead Cross? We learn why drummers rarely are allowed to write songs. It's Mike Patton farting at the audience for half an hour. Wretched.

And that doesn't even include Steel Panther, who would be inoffensive enough, if not for the fact that the joke has run its course. There are no more new ways to talk about banging strippers. Their music is lousy, and now it's sad to listen to them recycle the same jokes that were lame to begin with.

I already have trouble believing how much horrible music there has been, and we've still got five months to go. Is this the worst year ever?
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