Re: So, do you still buy Vinyl?

Author:Scott B
Date:2017-07-24 07:48:20
In Reply To:So, do you still buy Vinyl? by Steve B.
So my purchasing modus operandi has evolved/mutated recently. I am at the point where if I want to have a piece of music in a physical format, I will go for vinyl. Let's face it, for casual listening, a stream or the now antiquated download is fine. If you're listening over speakers connected to your computer of some ear buds, who cares. I started a Spotify premium subscription at the beginning of the year, and that is pretty much my test area for whether or not I'm going to make a physical purchase. Ideally, I would be buying only those "special" albums good enough to warrant the additional cost of the vinyl album. In some cases I buy the CD just because it is the only physical product available and I want to support the band.

At this point in the year, I have purchased less than half the number of albums (including Cd\download\vinyl) that I purchased last year. It has been great o be able to have a legitimate listen (or two) to an album on Spotify rather than just doing a shit ton of blind purchases.

As far as cost goes, while the average cost is higher, it seems like there are bargains to be had. For example, the forthcoming Jag Panzer album is available on Amazon for $19.99, and it is a double album that includes a CD. It is also a limited run color pressing. Total win.

As far as "is my turntable good enough" thing goes, yeah, it's just another disease lurking in the shadows. I had a mid-80s Technics table that was ok but after decades in storage was just not up to snuff. That was replaced with a very low-end Denon, which worked well but was very entr-level and not upgradable. This led me to purchasing a Fluance RT81, which so far has been delightful and can be upgraded. Of course, next the thought goes to "maybe I should get a dedicated stereo amp and monitors for my turntable..."
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