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Author:Chris F5
Date:2017-07-20 15:07:59
In Reply To:So then....what of Born Again and Seventh Star? by Chris F5
Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules make them instant big in the scene..

They take a step back with Born Again...

But instead of keeping the Sabbath Name when the line up disintegrates..

Seventh Star is a completely new entity(like he wanted)
and had major US Comercial billboard success here

We know of many bands that disintegrate then reform under a new name with key members (Whitesnake,Rainbow in the 70s..Dio....who in this instance stays as popular as ever)

So basicly instead of Sabbath from about 1985 it's " Seventh Star ...through the Martin years....and the Martin years end up being much more popular because it's a different entity than Sabbath)

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