Re: This isn't a hard concept to understand Ben

Date:2017-07-18 20:09:17
In Reply To:Re: This isn't a hard concept to understand Ben by TW
That's fine, and how I initially answered the question when I saw it, but then he went on to talk about Ozzy still releasing "Blizzard" and being more successful than Sabbath would have been. That's where it went off the rails, because he started to envision a completely unrealistic scenario.
Well who knows. I mean Ozzy could have come out of nowhere as well back then. It's all hypothetical 😀
Sure, it's possible, but this alternate reality stuff needs to deal with the fact that Ozzy would have been a nobody at the time. To think he would have gotten that band together, and had a big label backing him, is ridiculous. No one can say if Ozzy could have made it without Sabbath, but "Blizzard" would never have existed the way it did.
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