So then....what of Born Again and Seventh Star?

Author:Chris F5
Date:2017-07-18 07:45:54
In Reply To:Re: This isn't a hard concept to understand Ben by TW
I personally think Seventh Star becomes their biggest selling disk and they actually have a number one song on Billboard with "No Stranger to Love" as this disk coincided with the explosion of hair metal and big 80's ballads...and this disk essentially being an Iomi solo project and having a very commercial sound fits...
Of course we saw bands try to go this route starting at this time with varying degrees of success also alienate their core fan base while gaining the front running record buying population..
Judas Priest with Turbo
Metallica with the Black Album
Rush was in full synth pop mode at this time (and personally in my favorite era)

Of course then we have various "Cherry Orchards" that were horrifically
WTF as well

But those 2 disks that would bridge the Dio and Martin eras

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