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Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-07-18 03:46:12
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I am taking that Dio's presence would have helped the band since Rainbow would have had some recognition. I think this also Helped sabbath in the real life reality we know today. If the Ozzy era never existed people would have seen him as a downgrade when he would have joined in 1997. I still think the Dio albums would be just as influential and a guy like Tony Martin would have been accepted better than he was. He is a totally underrated vocalist.
Yeah, I don't think there would be a massive downgrade for them. Whatever leftover baggage BS had from the Ozzy era was largely gone by the late 80s, but the expectations / the dissonance with the Ozzy era remained. If anything, the Dio / Martin albums had more continuity between them.
Since in this reality Sabbath didnt exist I think Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin would have had a more profound influence over the metal scene.
Heh, I think Judas Priest would lap up the entire scene. They become the undisputed originators of the genre.

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