Re: This isn't a hard concept to understand Ben

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-07-18 02:12:07
In Reply To:Re: This isn't a hard concept to understand Ben by TW
Hypothetically speaking. That is what he's getting at. In other words would that same album have gotten the exposure that it did without the Ozzy era existing beforehand. This isn't a tough concept to follow.

Imagine Black Sabbath came out as a new band in 1980 with the album Heaven & Hell. Would it have gotten the same recognition. We know in reality H&H probably wouldn't exist in real life without the ozzy era. What he is getting at and I will repeat this one more time is a different reality if Sabbath was a brand new band in 1980 and H&H was their debut album would they be as recognized as they are now and how does one think they would be perceived?

That is what Vadim is getting that.
Precisely. I think Ben is being deliberately obtuse. Not the first time.

What's your take on this, Tony?


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