Re: So being that your premise is intrinsically flawed...

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-07-16 21:56:44
In Reply To:Re: So being that your premise is intrinsically flawed... by BenMech
That's not the point of this discussion. My premise is: prior to 1980 the only change is the absence of BS. Every other band: Judas Priest, Scorpions, Queen, and (perhaps the most relevant to this discussion) Rainbow go just like they did in real life.
Explain how.
That's the basic condition of the question. Just accept it and begin with 1980. Or make your own thread.

Black Sabbath's effect on music is well documented. That's not the point here.
The question is: how would we rank / perceive
Sabbath if they dropped on this earth in 1980 with "Heaven & Hell"?
Wouldn't get there.
I don't know what this means. Who wouldn't get where?


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