Re: Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s?

Date:2017-07-15 20:04:56
In Reply To:Re: Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s? by Thy Sentinel
But it all doesn't matter. In my parallel universe, both Ozzy and Sabbath start about the same time, in 79-80. Ozzy drastically outsells and outperforms Sabbath. Despite the fact that I personally prefer Ozzy-less Sabbath to Ozzy.
Now you're just making crap up. If you want to have a serious discussion about what could have been, you have to deal with reality. That reality is that Ozzy would never have gotten a foot in the door without having been in Sabbath. "Blizzard Of Ozz" could have never happened in a vacuum.
Well, run along then.
You have to follow your own logic. If you want to imagine Sabbath never got together until 1980, you have to accept what that means. It means Ozzy would have never made a record, so he wouldn't have had the name recognition to get a label behind him, and get Randy and Bob Daisley writing songs for him. He would have been a nobody making a record with whomever he could find.

If I asked a hypothetical about Blackmore never leaving Deep Purple, we'd have to accept it means Dio would never have been in Rainbow, so he wouldn't have been in Sabbath, and he probably wouldn't have gotten a solo metal band going. Everything effects more than the one person you mean to talk about.
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