Re: Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s?

Date:2017-07-15 16:23:55
In Reply To:Re: Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s? by Thy Sentinel
But it all doesn't matter. In my parallel universe, both Ozzy and Sabbath start about the same time, in 79-80. Ozzy drastically outsells and outperforms Sabbath. Despite the fact that I personally prefer Ozzy-less Sabbath to Ozzy.
Now you're just making crap up. If you want to have a serious discussion about what could have been, you have to deal with reality. That reality is that Ozzy would never have gotten a foot in the door without having been in Sabbath. "Blizzard Of Ozz" could have never happened in a vacuum.
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