Re: Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s?

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-07-15 14:32:12
In Reply To:Re: Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s? by Nosferatwo
No. Those albums never got attention, because they weren't what people wanted to hear. They're ok, but that's about it.
That's exactly it. "Not what people wanted to hear" = "compared to the 70s Sabbath." Without 70s Sabbath to compare to, these albums might actually do better.
If Ozzy (as washed-up as he was by then) joins them
for the first time in 1997, there is still Ozzfest and all the subsequent events. Although in this scenario he does not "join Black Sabbath", but rather just calls it his backup band.
Umm... if there was no 70s Sabbath, there would have been no Ozzy solo career, so still no Ozzfest.
In this alternate universe, Ozzy hits the ground running with "Blizzard of Ozz." He has a terrific 80s career. Like I said, in 1997, most likely, Iommi, Ward, and Butler become his backup musicians.


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