Re: Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s?

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-07-15 14:17:37
In Reply To:Re: Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s? by Mark
I think they'd be another also-ran, maybe at Saxon status. Sabbath survived the mid eighties and early nineties on the longevity of their 70s reputation. Without that, Born Again would have killed them.
But part of it was the expectations, wasn't it? A band that releases THC and Tyr, even after 7 years of turbulence, should generate some traction on its own, shouldn't it?
No Ozzfest, which means Slipknot doesn't have that springboard to stardom. That means In Flames doesn't get their break in the US in 2001 supporting Slipknot, so the course of melodeath's popularity in the States changes.
If Ozzy (as washed-up as he was by then) joins them for the first time in 1997, there is still Ozzfest and all the subsequent events. Although in this scenario he does not "join Black Sabbath", but rather just calls it his backup band.


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