Cross-posted: Black Sabbath without the 70s?

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2017-07-15 13:53:55
Edited:2017-07-15 14:12:36
A survey for all rock historians.

Imagine for a second that Black Sabbath is formed in 1980. "Heaven and Hell" is their debut album. Ozzy becomes a member in 1997, clearly post-prime. How does this change our perception of them? Are they still a top three metal band and a top five hard rock band? Or do they drop down to other quality 80s bands, like solo Dio and Queensryche? Opinions?

In my opinion, with four superb outputs like H&H, TMR, Headless Cross, and Tyr and a handful of solid ones, they would be AT LEAST a top 10 metal band and a top 20 hard rock band. Probably not as high as, say, Megadeth and a far cry from Metallica, but definitely above WASP and Manowar.

np: Black Sabbath "Headless Cross"

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