Date:2017-07-13 19:33:53
Edited:2017-07-13 19:37:54
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Mark proclaimed:
I knew it!
Do you remember who else was on the show?
Yeah, Bloodthrone, Engorge, and Blood Storm, and, nominally, Vital Remains, who showed up, got paid, and didn't play because there wasn't "enough people" (one of three times I saw them do that!) Nov. 5; we all also played the night before at Connections in Clifton.

Actually the last time I saw Abaz was in Providence. It was just a couple years ago, they were a three-piece, and weren't very good I'm sorry to say.
Yeah, I know...There's no one left except the drummer for a long time now, and he is intent on keeping it going, whatever it takes...
They played at one of Krieg's The Black House shows, that was neat.
Neil was a huge front row supporter back in the day, he actually put out "The Spirit of Hate for Mankind" 7", which was lifted from the same session as "Enshrined Blasphemer." We played a couple of shows with them later in 2001-02, though on several occasions he had some truly horrendous backing "bands".
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