Re: Writing and composing, and credit

Date:2017-07-07 15:12:14
In Reply To:Writing and composing, and credit by The Shrike
So, a question for those who have written and perhaps published. What is deciding factor on composer credit? If I write some lyrics, and a melody, and then hire some stellar musicians, and say they add a iconic part or solo that makes the song work, why wouldn't they also get credit?
Honestly, it depends on the band situation. Plenty of bands simply split the money up evenly, regardless of who wrote what.

If you break it down by member, the crux of a song is the main melody. Whoever writes that is always credited. Then it gets tricky. If the song is riff-centered, that person will usually get credit. If you contribute a solo, or a drum pattern, you usually aren't considered to have written anything. Important or not, the song itself is the same whether Gilmour's solo is replaced with someone else's. Think of it this way; the composer(s) are responsible for the parts that you can't remove without the song no longer being identifiable as the song.
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