2017 half-way: shows coming up

Date:2017-07-05 17:57:08
Edited:2017-07-05 18:29:04
Any plans, y'all? I know at least those are definitely happening for me:

7/28 Ross the Boss @ Dingbatz, NJ: it's just a few streets away
8/22 Captain Beyond @ St.Vitus, NY
8/28 Deep Purple/Alice Cooper/Edgar Winter @ PNC, NJ
9/2 Venom Inc @ Gramercy, NY
9/8-9 Wings of Metal @ Katacombes, Montreal, Canada: Sacrifice, Voivod, Diamond Head, Time Lord, Varathron +
9/10 Doro @ BB King’s, NY: Triumph and Agony set
9-11 Paul McCartney @ Prudential, NJ
9-14 Raven @ Vitus
10/??? – Merciless, TBA, NY
10/28-29 Days of Darkness, Baltimore: Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Captain Beyond, Warning +
11/17-18 Hammer of Doom @ Posthalle, Wurzburg, Germany - Cirith Ungol, Lucifer's Friend, Count Raven, Warning, Doomsday Kingdom +

7/22 Maiden @ Barclay's, NY: seen them already in NJ, so "maybe"
7/22 Siege @ Vitus: "last area appearance" (???)
8/29 Marduk/Incantation @ Gramercy

Friends of mine plan on going up to Rhode Island to see Coven (yes, Jinx Dawson, the horns, yes; Magic Circle opening) on August 19; I hope to come along.
Accept is playing Irving Plaza on September 26; looks like I'll be absent there. Meanwhile, Dirkschneider is coming back to Gramercy February 23 to play "Accept songs for the last time ever" AgaiN. Ridiculous as that is, I saw Udo's band twice this year and I'll def go again.

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