Re: Rank the Soundgarden albums

Date:2017-05-19 10:06:20
In Reply To:Rank the Soundgarden albums by John Frank
I am mildly curious to see what the folks here think of Soundgarden's discography. I have only gotten into Badmotorfinger. It is not a fave of mine by any means, but "Jesus Christ Pose" completely rules, and I am fond of "Rusty Cage", "Outshined", and "Searching with My Good Eye Closed".
With the exception of a decent song here and there, Soundgarden is insanely boring. I once left a concert of theirs in order to not fall asleep. Nothing against Cornell (RIP), who has always been the best singer in Grunge.

The only other grunge albums I own are My Sister's Machine - Diva and Gruntruck's Inside Yours and Push. I love "Would?" from Alice in Chains - Dirt. "Angry Chair" is decent too. That is it for AiC for me.

Back in the day, I also dug the first two Nirvana discs and songs off of Pearl Jam - Ten and the first two STP albums, but those bands have not stuck with me.
Nirvanas Nevermind and Pearl Jams Ten are fantastic albums. But that's pretty much for all there is for me as well. A few songs here and there, but that's it.
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