EXACTLY my list too. (nt)

Date:2017-05-18 22:13:30
In Reply To:Re: Rank the Soundgarden albums by Loudblast
Tough assignment, sir, but here goes!

1. Badmotorfinger
2. Superunknown
3. Louder Than Love
4. Down on the Upside
5. Ultramega OK (uneven, but littered with classic SG joints!)
6. King Animal (which is quite good!)

Badmotorfinger is a spotless record from every angle and one of my favorites of the 90s. Love Terry Date's production on that one, too! Superunknown has some of the band's best work ("Limo Wreck," "Fresh Tendrils," "4th of July," "Like Suicide," etc.) but I've never cared much for "Spoonman." But, as a work of panoramic, nothing is forbidden, 90s rock, it has few peers. Amazing record.

Awesome band whose music has meant a whole lot to me for a whole lot of years.

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