Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff

Date:2017-05-18 16:54:57
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Disembowelment--Transcendence Into the Peripheral
When this came out, I thought it was total shit. I have never bothered to update my understanding of its merits.
Except that it's total greatness!
Fine. I'll give it another shot.
Don't. You'll still hate. And I'd rather talk with you about stuff that we both like!

You used to say mean things about Alain's drumming.
OK, I'll cop to that, though I don't know how mean I was. I definitely said that his playing was sloppy compared to his stringed compatriots, but I've had a change of heart! After jamming on "Dynamo" with Nate, I realized that Alain has an almost inimitable approach to the kit. Seriously, it's really hard to replicate his style! Look, end of the day, Obliveon just rules. End of story!
Anyway, remember when you couldn't get through a paragraph of anything written by Borivoj before he somehow mentioned Obliveon? Those were the days...
Pre-Machine Head Borivoj was the best!
It almost doesn't make sense to compare it to any of the others, because it might as well be a different band, except for the awesomeness. I saw them on what I think was their last tour, and in fact it WAS a totally different band. They played like 4 new songs which never saw the light of day.
Were they good?!
I saw them on this tour and even got to watch the soundcheck because I was pretending to be a college radio DJ. They played Rattlehead during check while Chuck was wearing a pink t-shirt, very short shorts, and flip-flops. It was awesome.
You really cannot beat Florida Death Metal fashion!
Is it underrated? I guess all the posers think Heartwork is best. My friends gave me this album at a surprise 18th birthday party.
I think it is. It gets lost between 'Symphonies' and 'Heartwork.' I'm one of those posers, just so we're clear.
They also gave me a gold-lame thong.
Solid group of friends!
Then spin this next. It's similar in a sense, but synthier and dreamier. I love it.
You know I love my synths!
I love how sloppy those guitarists were. They thought they were shredders, but Gilbert/Bouillet they were not. The singer is a dead ringer for a young Tony Harnell, and that guy replaced one Tim Aymar in the band which would called Prime Time.
Too true! And the Harnell impersonations go a long way with me.


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