Re: Rank the Soundgarden albums

Date:2017-05-18 14:03:19
In Reply To:Rank the Soundgarden albums by John Frank
I always appreciated Soundgarden more than I actually loved them. I got into them when Louder than Love came out and was actually all over the grunge scene at the time...Loved Temple of the Dog, PJ, My Sister's Machine (funny you mentioned them...totally obscure, but great..IIRC the band contained one of AIC's original members).

Anyway, my ranking:

1. Louder than Love - By a country mile, this is their best.
2. Badmotorfinger - For me, "Jesus Christ Pose" alone is reason to put this album in the 2-slot.
3. Superunknown - Obviously this is their iconic release; "Fell on Black Days" is the high point. Overall I think the album is a bit bloated.
4a. Ultramega OK - It's ok, but just a tad too raw for my taste.
4b. It's ok, but just a tad too polished (and overlong) for my taste.

I never really listened to the last album they put out, so I'm leaving it out. I will give mention to an EP they put out called Loudest Love that was pretty included some great b-sides including "Fresh Deadly Roses".
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