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Date:2017-05-18 13:56:30
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Disembowelment--Transcendence Into the Peripheral
When this came out, I thought it was total shit. I have never bothered to update my understanding of its merits.
Except that it's total greatness!
Ulver--Themes From William Blake
This is one of the only Ulver albums I own, because the label sent me a promo. Like most Ulver albums, it's boring as fuck :) For my tastes, Garm is a classic case of a dude with more vision than talent.
You so crazy, Matt!

Jane's Addiction--Nothing's Shocking
I just can't take Farrell.
I would never begrudge anyone that opinion. He's definitely an acquired taste.
Even though it's a uniformly perfect album, I think "Frosted Avowals" might be my favorite Obliveon tune.
Thought Industry--Short Wave on a Cold Day
Maybe their best? At the very least, in the top 5.
Haha! It's my favorite, but not by too much.
Death--Individual Thought Patterns
My fave Death. This album needed a remaster badly, but instead it was remixed, badly. Bummer, that.
'Human' is my favorite by several orders of magnitude, but 'ITP' rules hard. Definitely needs a remaster, though. Hoglan is the man!
Carcass--Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious
My fave Carcass!
Awesome and, I think, underrated record.
Fates Warning--No Exit
This used to be my fave Fates Warning, but I've become an Awaken the Guardian man. With age comes wisdom, they say.
My two top FW albums are 'Awaken' and 'Perfect Symmetry,' but everything from '85-'94 rules. They lose me after that.
Except for Rob Halford, who maintains otherwise. I don't know who to trust.
It's a confusing world.
Fifth Angel--S/T
I like this one much more than its follow-up, but both are cool for the style.
You turned me on to this record!
There's no denying, though, that Cornell was one of the greatest singers in the history of rock, and the near platonic ideal of a rock god.
Agreed on both counts. He's one of those rare musicians who's exempt from judgment - whether or not you like his music, you just can't deny the guy's outlandish talent.

Thought of the day: the best possible Soundgarden album is actually Burning Time. Last Crack shoulda been huge.
Yes, it should have. Brilliant album.

Mew - Visuals. Still ruling my ears.
I'm slowly getting in to +/-.

Miles Davis & John Coltrane - The Complete Columbia Recordings 1955-1961. Not the entire box set, but most of it. I don't really need false starts and alternate takes, but I picked this up for under $35, and it's the cool digi-sized set in the metal slipcase, no less. I'm definitely more of a second quintet man, but all Trane is great.
Totally agree with that last sentence.

Elegy - Labyrinth of Dreams, Supremacy, Lost. The only great Elegy albums are the ones with Hovinga on vox. The first Parry album is okay, but this band was way better with two guitarists.
Labyrinth is cool! Got it way back in the day when my poles were occupied by Morbid Angel and Jesus Lizard and dismissed it as a wimp-fest, but it has aged well!


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