Re: German Punk/Goth/Rock Bands!

Date:2017-05-17 08:22:59
In Reply To:Re: German Punk/Goth/Rock Bands! by Pirage
Listened to Darkhaus before. It's decent, but oh so forgettable.

Do you understand German, or do you just have a fetich for their weird music? :-)
I don't understand German no but it's just interesting that Germany has their own music scene that doesn't escape their borders. Most European countries don't have such a vibrant goth/punk/industrial scene that is purely mainly recorded for the Germanic or central European countries like Austria, Switzerland etc.
Don't know how vibrant it is (as in: I really don't know). But I've always found it interesting that the Germans always seem to enjoy their music when sung in German, and they have a HUUGE goth and punk underground market. Much like Sweden has a large Rockabilly underground. I went to a festival in Essen, and was surprised at the amount of bands that mix goth metal and hardcore techno. And when going around in Germany, you see it as well.

As for why they never make it outside of their own areas, I think it has something to do with German not being a particularly beautiful language. Where a language like Norwegian seems to be easily exportable, it doesn't seem that way for German.

But... it's all guesswork :-)
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