Re: German Punk/Goth/Rock Bands!

Date:2017-05-17 03:55:07
Edited:2017-05-17 03:56:03
In Reply To:Re: German Punk/Goth/Rock Bands! by BumZen
Mono Inc - Together Till The End
Typical German Symphonic goth. Very catchy.
Holy shit, this was bad!!! Terrible.
Blutengel - Leubild
Sounds like Spandau Ballet gone dance goth with Ultarvox keys!
One of the bands on the last I already knew. I get more of a Depeche Mode vibe than Spandau Ballet. This is enjoyable, but not something I see myself put on.

HÄMATOM - "Made in USA"
Sarcastic lyrics in this song but a very catchy!
I love Germany, but a similar could be made about them :-)
Catchy indeed.
Betontod - opening riff is a rip off of The Trooper lol! The rest is catchy melodic punk rock.
Lol, yes, that is a ripoff from the Trooper. Too bad they didn't rip off something good for the rest of the song. At least they had something to say with the lyrics (refugees)
LETZTE INSTANZ - Weiß wie der Schnee
Typical German goth rock.
Cheesy band name, cheesy song title and cheesy lyrics to go along with some cheesy music. Don't know why I enjoyed it so much. :-)
Stupic catchy rock. Strippers in the video always works!
Ugh...You know your music sucks when you try to lure in viewers with tits and ass.
In Exrtremo - One of German's most famous bands. Notable for use of old instruments. This latest song is an anthemic affair with a huge chorus.
Don't know about the U.K., but they're decently popular here. Never been my thing, but certainly one of the better bands on this list.
Frei.Wild - fun folk rock!
For some reason Germans love this stuff.
SCHWARZER ENGEL – Ritt der Toten
Dark goth metal
Remember having listened to these guys before and laughing at who would actually like it. The same question was raised again this time, but now I guess I have my answer :-)
Darkhaus - Catchy modern goth metal with great vocals.
Listened to Darkhaus before. It's decent, but oh so forgettable.

Do you understand German, or do you just have a fetich for their weird music? :-)
I don't understand German no but it's just interesting that Germany has their own music scene that doesn't escape their borders. Most European countries don't have such a vibrant goth/punk/industrial scene that is purely mainly recorded for the Germanic or central European countries like Austria, Switzerland etc.

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