Voyager - Ghost Mile

Date:2017-05-12 04:42:42
Edited:2017-05-12 09:12:50
Let's see if we can start a little hype for this one. The opening track Ascension is good but not amazing. After that the band starts to hit their stride with Misery is Only Company. The crisp semi djent riffing with melody, the sharp production and the superlative 80s style new wave vocals are all wow inducing. The overtly pop melodies are a little bit reduced in favour of dramatic sounds and sharp riffing. The vocal melodies are maybe not quite as immediately catchy as the V album could be at times but they will soon worm their way in to your subconcious trust me.

After the opener I'm hard pushed to pick a fave tune as they all seem to capture the imagination but a big mention for Lifeline which is just a masterpiece of a track. Also the track This Gentle Earth 1981 is totally different than the rest and almost non metallic in feel but still very cool. This Aussie band which I managed to catch live a couple of years back is hitting new heights in the melodic prog metal field and yet they don't seem to really sound like anyone else. No DT here, No Sym X no Queensryche. Voyager have their own style and have it fixed down to a tee.

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