Date:2017-05-11 17:38:01
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
James Brown – In the Jungle Groove + Sex Machine
Have you ever heard his Live in Dallas release? It's hot shit, and my go-to JB.
I don't think so, don't know if I have, I'll check it out, thanks.

Raven – Architect of Fear
My favorite Raven album. So heavy and dark!
Mine too. "Sold Me Down the River" has my favorite Mark solos.
"Relentless" and "Blind Leading the Blind" are my other favorites.

Running Wild – Death or Glory
Their best.
One of my favorites of theirs, and definitely one of their best.

Cerebus – Too Late to Pray
I'm going to see them next week!
That's great! Have a, uhm...killer time. Would love to see them and Killer, and to far lesser extend, Battleaxe.

Skyclad – The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth
I found this used my first year of college. Never heard of the band, but it was on Noise, so I bought it. I was blown away.
I was floored. My buddy wrote me about it in a letter, so I knew who was in the band, and I knew Sabbat, so I was ready for some intelligent lyrics, but this just took everything to another level.
Changed a lot of views on things for me.

I found Hypertrace at the same shop, and likewise only bought it for the Noise logo. Jerry's Records in Pittsburgh did me right that year! Some other shit I discovered there: Samael - Blood Ritual, Hexx - Morbid Reality, Rage - Perfect Man, Fear of God - Within the Veil, etc. etc. So much good music.
I hear you, man: it's great to come across cool treasure troves like that. One such place for me was Electric Moo in Russelville, Arkansas in 1991, the only record store in town. I was in a middle of nowhere in a completely new environment, and it was like an oasis. They were actually very cool and kinda hip to it, kept up to date, would special order, and had a ton of gnarly shit. The initial Roadrunner grey spine cassette roster, Noise stuff - I made out like a bandit; that's where I got the Cirith Ungol "Paradise Lost" promo before it came out, and I'm pretty sure "The Wayward Sons..." tape is from them. There was also, amazingly, a section in THE Wal-Mart that was overflowing with cheap Noise tapes (pretty sure got "Deception Ignored" and "Control and Resistance" there) so that was awesome.

I was just thinking about the time when seeing a record on a particular label, like Noise, was pretty much a stamp of approval.

It was also the place where I first heard and hated Darkthrone's A Blaze in the Northern Sky. I'll never be a 2nd wave BM dude, I'm afraid.
I liked Soulside Journey, but I thought A Blaze was great. I was really into Bathory and Frost and spikes and chains, this was right up my alley. I just couldn't understand how Fenriz would unlearn how to play drums so dramatically:)
Risk – The Daily Horror News
You know I loves me some Risk. Wish someone would reissue the metal Faithful Breath albums.
I think they're bound to. I would have thought Breaker would do Gold 'N' Glory at least, or Mausoleum again.
Maniac – s/t (dumbest lyrics in the world, but I like the music:)
The one with the zombie guy drawing on the front?
Is that what he is? I think he's a Maniac with a cracked skull...Anyway, yes, the one with a pink cover. Music's good Teutonic metal, lyrics are Crossfire with a lobotomy and even less understanding of the English syntax.
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