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Date:2017-05-11 14:44:51
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Dysrhythmia - The Veil of Control. Saw them in Philly for the first time in a couple years on Friday, and as always they did not disappoint. I hadn't actually bought their disc yet so I picked up a copy from Kevin and have been enjoying it since. These guys are reliably excellent.
I haven't heard it yet but Kevin and the boys never disappoint. And what a live band!
Obliveon - everything. Well, not the demos, although I have them. Just the studio albums, and I even gave the best-of a spin for giggles. It's actually a well-curated collection that fairly represents all the eras of this underrated band, so anyone looking to give them a shot could do worse than spend an hour with Greatest Pits. Nemesis remains my fave, but Cybervoid is close behind.
I know I'm just a member of the chorus, but I only need their first two albums, both of which are very nearly untouchable pieces of spacey, tech-y prog-death/thrash. I love those albums SO SO much!
I wonder if Pharaoh could afford a Pierre Remillard mix?
Crowd-fund it, man! The kids love Pierre!
Gory Blister - Promo 2002, Promo 2003. Found these in the archives. 3 songs on each, all but one of which were re-recorded for later albums. These guys would probably be much better known were it not for their terrible name.
That's why I didn't get 'Art Bleeds' until late '03. How can so talented a band exercise such poor discretion?
Martyr - Demo 2003. If only the third album had been as wild as the two songs on this demo.
'Feeding' was always a disappointment for me, and still is. I worship 'Warp Zone' and "Perpetual Healing" is as good or better than anything on that album. 'Feeding' backs off the tech throttle and replaces it with more blasting, bad vocals (but let's face it, Martyr never had good vocals), and some unintentional lyrical comedy.
Xysma - Yeah. I always wrote this band off on the basis of their mid 90s death rock stuff, especially Lotto, but I had also always heard their early stuff was great. Finally checked it out and yup, it is. Reminds me a bit of early Disharmonic Orchestra. Weird death metal. I even went back and listened to the death rock stuff and, you know what? It's alright.
You should check out 'First & Magical.' Fantastic record, and one of the best from that fertile scene (Paraxism, Disgrace, Convulse, Pakeni, etc.)
Maybe I was wrong about Xysma.

You were.


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