DISCUSSION POST ... would love some opinions, throughts ..

Date:2017-05-10 07:30:19
I find myself drifting away from power, prog power and progressive metal as just so little of it seems to be hitting the mark with me these days. I think my tastes are changing and as a life long metal fan that scares the shit out of me. I find myself turning to doom/death and I find more of that to be palatable but most of it is downright shit.

I am really finding enjoyment in German industrial metal. I am loving Eisbrecher, Stahlmann, Oomph!, Megaherz and of course Rammstein. There is a brilliant band called Darhaus who have two alums out which are just friggin' amazing. And I am also enjoying the hell out of more electonic bands like BlutEngel, Covenant etc. and even straight up dance rock acts like Dance With The Dead.

Whats happening to me? Is this a phase or is this something that happens after 35 yeqrs of listening to metal? Can anyone else relate to this?
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