killed_by_the_tech proclaimed:
Thanks for the review, von! I have not decided if I will buy this or not. Nothing quite like being there! What an experience!
I know! I honestly would have been 100x happier if they just released that raw, really live video Norrsken had uploaded for mere days after the fest, before it was taken down. The official release cross-fades the songs with all this Ioannis art and most of the banter is edited.

The clausterfuck that almost ensued in the second verse of "Valley of the Dolls" is conspicuously almost repaired, except only a time machine could do anything about that "Holocaust!" moment.

If anything, the release showed me exactly what you said: I was watching it, and thinking "It felt sooo much better there!", and later watching the Norrsken video and getting that feeling of being there way more from the raw video that from this glamour close-up/sound repair, multi-cut hi-fi extravaganza. I just wanted to have the thing to commemorate what was such an extraordinary event for me, something to look back on; and I do kinda wish they had left the warts intact.
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