Re: Thorsday Sound off...

Author:Kevin Madden
Date:2017-05-04 23:18:00
In Reply To:Thorsday Sound off... by Chris F5
Kreator - Gods of Violence
I am SO late to this band. I can dig it, but I'm guessing I would like it a lot more if I had tipped to them back in 89 or whatever like the rest of the Noise stable.

Ayreon - The Source
Man, Arjen makes some EXCELLENT-sounding records. Maybe I have a tin ear, but I wish everyone would record in his studio. Some really good songs and a few pedestrian numbers, but I'm giving it two thumbs up.

Labyrinth - Architecture of a God
Nah, it's not 1998 all over again. It's ok.

Killswitch Engage - Incarnate
I get bored about halfway through every time. It's good, in theory...

various shuffle tracks from Blind Guardian, Galactic Cowboys, Dream Theater, Gamma Ray, Starbreaker, Deep Purple, Zieler and more.

Oh and I listened to the new Jorn single, Man of the 80s. Fucking embarrassing. I love his voice, but for god's sake man, stop writing your own shit. Waste of talent. Also listened to a new Ferrymen track, which sounds good, but maybe Karlsson is a bit spread too thin?
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