Fates Warning Awaken the Guardian Live 4CD/DVD/BluRay/book set arrived

Date:2017-05-04 22:54:22
Edited:2017-05-04 23:20:11
Watching the Awaken the Guardian Live ProgPower BluRay - I got the photo book with both shows on CD, DVD, and BluRay.

The book is a very cool quality 12x12 hardcover, with discs housed in the covers, but it's all just live photos and art (cool as they are) and lyrics, no history or anything; comes with a art poster, six cards and a "certificate of authenticity".

The book package variant is a German import, so DVD is a Euro standard. I haven't watched the KIT show yet, but the ProgPower set is multi-camera (looks like at least 4), good sound (whatever Bill Metoyer did had smoothed over most of the rough edges that are far more audible in the raw footages of the set.)

I didn't really think the director, or editor, did the best job putting the footage together - first, due to some strange/ill-fitting cut choices, and secondly, because I personally like to see wider shots of the audience reaction more than just close-ups of the band members. I have a one camera pro-shot version of the Atlanta set that I luckily ripped from YouTube before it rapidly disappeared, and it honestly conveyed the energy and spirit of the event much more accurately and compellingly. That said, the footage they use is of good quality, as hard as they tried to edit me out, I still can spot my headbanging self, and my Skellator hands are seen singing at Arch constantly:)

P.S. edit: haha, on the last page of the book, the one with the band taking a photo with the audience in the background, I see Nick and Roman on the left of the picture,standing by the side door:)
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