Re: Thorsday Sound off...

Author:Hearing Aid Man
Date:2017-05-04 14:36:12
In Reply To:Thorsday Sound off... by Chris F5
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Nothing wrong with Secrets or Reflections. They're both great CDs!

Armored Saint - March of the Saint / Delirious Nomad
Battleaxe - Power from the Universe
Boss - Step on it
Cerebus - Too Late to Pray
CIA - Attitude
Cirith Ungol - One Foot in Hell
Daydream XI - The Grand Disguise
Iced Earth - Dystopia
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Riot - Narita
Silence - Nostalgia
Subsignal - Beautiful & Monstrous
Virgin Steele - Guardians of the Flame / Invictus (1st time hearing - when did VS turn into Manowar?)
Witchcross - Fit for Fight
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