Date:2017-04-30 11:47:38
In Reply To:So...the latest Maiden setlist.. by Pirage
I've seen them ten times, so I'm only going specifically for one song - "Children of the Damned," never seen them play it, love that song to pieces, very much looking forward to it - but that's all I'm looking forward to. Seen the rest of these songs played to death, have no sympathy for the new album.

Flew to Sonisphere just to see them play "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son." Last night of the tour, big fest like that, you'd think they could've done something out of left field, and they played the same tired set they did the rest of that tour.

Every time I've seen them they did "Hallowed be thy Name." I once saw them with Blaze and they didn't play "Run to the Hills." Wooo-hooo!!!!

I think the re-union Ed Hunter tour had the best fucking setlist; that was the best time I've seen them.

Eddie Rips the World set was pretty sweet in Europe with "Murders in the Rue Morgue" and "Another Life," but in the US it was part of the Ozzfest, so it got severely cut, and the only time the full "good shit" set was played here was when Sabbath had to cancel and Maiden played an extended show - happened on the second Jersey PNC night, when Ozzy couldn't make it.

Would've been great of them to do a "long song" tour, especially since this new album is so drawn out. They could do Transylvania, Phantom of the Opera (again), To Tame a Land, Rime, Alexander the Great - shit, they should have enough. Another story is that this would never happen...
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