Re: So...the latest Maiden setlist..

Date:2017-04-29 18:16:30
In Reply To:Re: So...the latest Maiden setlist.. by Nosferatwo
Bands are in impossible spots when it comes to making set lists.

If they play nothing but the old songs, they get grief for being nostalgia acts. If they play a lot of newer stuff, they get grief for playing songs no one wants to hear. If they play the hits, they get grief for playing the same thing again and again. If they don't play the hits, they get grief for not giving the people what they want.

Even you are complaining they're playing "The Trooper" for the thousandth time, and that they aren't playing "Hallowed" for the thousandth time. You see it's a no-win situation, right?
OK you've got a point there. But come on it's Hallowed man. How can a Maiden gig have no Hallowed? How can a Megadeth gig have no Holy Wars? How can a Metallica gig have no Master of puppets? How can a Sabbath gig have no War Pigs? The list goes on...but I see your point.

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