Re: Thorsday Sound off...

Author:Genghis Grim
Date:2017-04-20 11:52:40
Edited:2017-04-20 17:51:19
In Reply To:Thorsday Sound off... by Chris F5
I listened to more than I believed.

Oneohtrix Point Never/Replica
Oneohtrix Point Never/Memory Vague
Oneohtrix Point Never/Russian Mind

I was stalking Mitch's list and found some good punk infused DnB

Moving Units/Dangerous Dreams
Highly Suspect/The Boy Who Died Wolf

Messer Chups/Surf Riders from the Swamp Lagoon
I had no idea the Russians rebooted the rockabilly genre. Not bad.

Bill Bruford/One of a Kind

Keven Hufnagel/Protected Shards and the two previous works.
Protected Shards & the previous knock my nuts in the dirt. He starts to turn microphonics and experimental into to real art now.

Desert Dwellers/ sampled a bunch of stuff. It's really excellent production but sounds cookie cutter after a few albums. They know what they are doing.

I got duped into checking out Splice. No they can't have my account information. I listened to some stuff and after several tracks they all start to sound like Ellie Goulding and my Gaydar starts to really alarm out. My threshold and tolerance for silly millennials stops here.

Queensryche/Promised Land

I laughed a lot at von. Not laughing that he got dicked but he's funny when he gets worked up.

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