Re: Thorsday Sound off...

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-04-20 10:53:57
In Reply To:Thorsday Sound off... by Chris F5
Talon - Neutralized, Never Look Back, Vicious Game. Rock solid heavy metal from Germany. No frills, but quite enjoyable.

Lizzy Borden - Visual Lies, Appointment with Death. Neither are Lizzy's best, but both are pretty good. I have been avoiding AwD for a long time because the videos they made for it are really stupid in a pandering way, and the songs didn't seem as good as those on Lizzy's comeback, Deal with the Devil, but I gave in, and it's not bad at all.

Shok Paris - Go For The Throat, Steel and Starlight, Concrete Killers. One of my fave US power metal bands.

Vektor - Outer Isolation. Probably the best of the three, but they're all great.

Sonny Fortune - Long Before Our Mothers Cried. 70s fusion. Hardly the best of its kind, but still quite good.

Eddie Henderson - Inside Out, Realization. 70s fusion. Very nearly the best of it's kind! On par with anything Herbie Hancock did (not surprisingly, since this is literally his Mwandishi band, including Herbie, but led by Henderson.)

Scanner - Hypertrace, Mental Reservation. It's always a good time for Scanner!

Mandator - Initial Velocity. Finally available on CD officially! Still not very good, but whatever. It's hardly the shittiest old thrash disc in my collection. Sadly, the cover is nowhere near as funny as the one for the follow-up. Get a load of this:

XCaliber - Warriors of the Night. Fairly terrible 80s metal that I simply couldn't resist because I'm an idiot. The cover looks like it was made in study hall.

Damn the Machine - Damn the Machine, demos, b-sides, everything I've got. If I were rich, I'd throw large sums of money at these dudes to make more music.
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