Date:2017-04-20 10:09:23
Edited:2017-04-20 10:20:09
In Reply To:Re: Loudness denied entry into the US: sent home this morning, tour cancelled by Guillaume
Guillaume proclaimed:
Reggie's update:

“Due to the new strict policies the US government has placed on foreigners entering the country, LOUDNESS was denied entry into the United States and sent back home this morning. All shows on the US tour are canceled."

Thanks again, orange dickhole. You owe me $25 personally, ya cunt.
Not the first time Loudness are denied... Time to learn how fill the papers right I guess... Easy to blame it on the government...
Exactly right - this is the third time this happens to Loudness! And now the new rules gave these hyenas at the border all the ammo they neded to do it again. Yes it is easy to blame the government, when its agencies such as immigration, already notorious dicks, now get a super dick license. It's very easy, when a whole crew of people gets turned around at their destination. It's even easier, when you consider all the people that lost money over some dildo(s) decision to be a big man in charge. I never had a problem blaming the government - any government - when the shit was their fault.

"Your honor, she was asking for it - she was wearing a short skirt!"

Happy holiday...
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