Thorsday Sound off...

Author:Chris F5
Date:2017-04-20 07:07:21
Hallo pleebs....what You got

Still ruling my world...
Anthrax-Among the Living....this is still a "fun" listen 30 years later (has it been that long...holy fuck I'm old)
Helstar-A Distant Thunder
Iron Maiden-Piece of Mind-still my favorite by them
Anathema-We're Here Because We're Here- as good as it gets since they became happy...
Warrior Soul-Last Decade Dead Century-infantile lyrics didn't age well but not letting it ruin the music, which was kinda a bit ahead of its time and a breath of fresh air from the inane Butt rock (was hoping metal would go in this direction, sadly the drug addicts from Seattle seized the spotlight)

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